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Market activities

Flygprestandas sales team just returned from the EFB Users Forum in Dubai and are now getting ready for the NBAA show in Las Vegas.

Exhibiting at the various venues available across the globe is a great way for us to keep in touch with customers, colleagues and friends.

We hope that all visiting and exhibiting at the @NBAA in Las Vegas and at the OPS IT Rome conference pay us a visit.

NBAA 2015

Another day closer to the NBAA 2015 Las Vegas Exhibition.

We just had a very pleasant meeting with our co-exhibitorWeb Manuals Web Manuals with whom we are sharing a booth. Everything is coming together nicely and we are very exited to say the least.

We hope to see you there.

Upcoming events

Are you curious about Flygprestanda AB, about who we are and what we do? Why not pay us a visit?

We are currently preparing for upcoming events and you will be able to pay us at visit at the following venues:

EFB Forum in Dubai

NBAA in Las Vegas

Flight OPS IT in Rome

If you are also attending, please feel free to pay us a visit.

For more information please email us at sales@flygp.se