A Passion For Safety

Since 1969

With more than 50 years of passion for aviation safety Flygprestanda develops and provides EFB IT solutions for flight operators across the globe from our headquarters in Malmö, Sweden.

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A man about to put on an aircraft safety belt

Aircraft Performance Delivered

Flygprestanda offers runway analysis and mass and balance applications developed in-house by our software specialists. We also provide a variety of subscription services including runway analysis charts, driftdown and load & trim sheets in hard copy or digital format as PDF files.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Flygprestanda AB is to develop a company that runs effectively, profitable and in the best interest of the owners and the customers. We believe that this is achieved by providing the customers with a high profile service, a service that continuously evolves by a commitment to satisfy customers and interested parties requests and requirements.

The means of achieving this is to offer a reliable service with a minimum of discrepancy between the agreed and delivered services. We regard the Quality Management system as an effective means of achieving our goals and will monitor and develop the performance and scope of the system.

The latest Quality Policy update was implemented:
Quality Manual issue 56
Dated 2021-06-15

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Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 certification badgeBureau Veritas ISO 9001 certification badge

Our History

Initially, Flygprestanda provided performance services for the three main charter operators in Scandinavia: Sterling Airways, Conair of Scandinavia and Transair. Today, Flygprestanda performance calculations support flight operators worldwide, from single engine to widebody.

Our comprehensive and up-to-date database contains over 10,000 airports worldwide and is maintained by our experienced staff. Proprietary tools allow for procedure design and airport updates based on AIP revisions, NOTAMs and user information.

Flygprestanda's office building shown from the outside