Dynamic Airport Database

Safe takeoffs world-wide

Spanning more than 10 000 airports worldwide, Flygprestanda’s Airport Database includes obstacle data, NOTAMs and engine failure take off procedures. Flygprestanda’s airport data is trusted across the globe and is updated monthly with every AIRAC-cycle.

Our database is available both through our Guru2 EFB platform or seamlessly compatible with OEM Aircraft performance software from e.g. Embraer, Boeing and Airbus.

Illustration of an airport from above where runways gradually turn to ones and zeros

10 000+

Airports covered


NOTAMs handled daily


AIP-revisions monthly

Key Features


10 000+ Airports

The airport database covers more than 10 000 airports and is growing continuously.

An icon representing engine failure takeoff procedures


Our engine failure takeoff procedures are optimised to always provide the operator with the maximum possible takeoff mass under safe conditions.

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All NOTAMs that may affect performance are inserted in DAD,  regardless of the length of the validity.

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Integrated in Guru2 and Airport Analysis

The DAD provides the airport data for Flygprestanda's performance services.


Integrate with  LPC / STAS / ePerf

Our Airport Data is well suited for integrating with Airbus LPC, Boeing STAS, Embraer ePerf or other Performance Engineering Programs (PEP).

A runway with the airport in the background to its right

The latest data from around the world

Updated when new data is published. Issued for Guru2 every AIRAC cycle

The Dynamic Airport Database is updated on a daily basis by Flygprestanda's experienced Airport Analysts. It contains all the data required for takeoff and landing calculations as you would expect from an airport obstacle database, but with a lot of extra features:

An icon shoing an aircraft taking off from an airport

Airport Data

Flight path obstacles

An icon showing a runway

Runway Data


A plane rotated to the side to represent takeoff positions

Takeoff Positions

with Lineup Method

An icon showing a pinned NOTAM document

NOTAM data

Daily Updates

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About Airport Databases

How does Airport Databases work?

An Airport Database is a digital resource that contains information about obstacles and terrain from different airports. It includes all the data required for takeoff and landing calculations. This is sometimes called Airport Obstacle Database, AODB.
Other Airport Databases may include operational data like opening hours etc.

Our Dynamic Airport Database, DAD, has some extra features:
– All data has a period of validity.
– Data can be inserted before the time of validity.
– DAD can have several sets of data valid during different periods
– Data can be customer specific

A traffic cone standing on a runway
An aircraft standing on a runway with another aircraft taking off in the background

What are the benefits of our Airport Database?

Flygprestanda's Dynamic Airport Database has an extensive global coverage of over 10 000+ airports, both big and small. Apart from geographical and obstacle data it includes NOTAMs, Engine Failure Takeoff Procedures and can be integrated easily with your Performance Engineering Program. It is also accessible through our own Performance Calculator app Guru2 and powers our traditional airport analyses.