Runway Analysis Charts

Runway Analyses as hardcopy or EFB

Ensure obstacle clearance for all runway conditions whilst minimising engine wear and maximising takeoff and landing masses. Our runway analysis charts are the result of combining optimised AFM or SCAP performance data with our worldwide airport database which includes runway, obstacle and Engine Failure Takeoff Procedure (EFTP) information.

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Runway Analyses Run / Month


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Key Features


Optional Parameters

Aircraft settings can be taken into account, including MEL/CDL items, minimum EFFRA, V-speed ratios and more.

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Internet Account

Access to our online tools allows you to generate analyses any time, anywhere.


Takeoff and Landing Data

Presentation of tabulated takeoff, landing and go around performance data for dry, wet and contaminated runway. GRF updated depending on data availability from the manufacturer.

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Easy Read and Use

Intuitive and easy to read presentation of data.

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EFB or Hard-Copy

Delivery as PDFs via our web services or as hard copy paper sheets collated in a Route Performance Manual (RPM). Unlimited downloads for a monthly flat fee.

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RPM (Route Performance Manual)

The Route Performance Manual (RPM) is a customised binder containing charts for any number of airports/runways chosen by the customer. The content is updated by a revision service that includes NOTAM monitoring.

The final product is a physical or digital binder with a customised explanatory introduction to the analyses, a table of contents and all of your preferred airport analyses in an alphabetic register. The RPM comes with the option of color coding sheets for easy recognition of performance parameters.

The RPM is recommended for airlines operating across an established destination network with numerous aircraft that need recurring updates.

Flygprestanda RPM binder

Interested in going fully digital?

Flygprestanda's customisable Guru2 app not only provides you with instant and interactive runway analyses with a global coverage, but also comes with the option of Mass & Balance and an integrated BackOffice.

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