Aircraft Performance

Ensure safe flights while saving time, cost, maximising takeoff weight and saving engines. With over 300 aircraft types covered, Flygprestanda’s customisable runway analysis solutions optimises your aircraft's performance and clears you for obstacles at the end of the runway on more than 10 000 airports worldwide.

We support a wide range of aircraft makes and models, such as Gulfstream, Boeing, Pilatus, Dassault Falcon, Cessna, ATR, Embraer, Airbus and many more. See the full list of our supported aircraft types

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Aircraft Performance Calculator with Mass and Balance

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Runway Analysis Charts

Traditional runway analysis charts as hard-copy or PDF

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About Aircraft Performance

How does it work?

Aircraft performance is how we combine the technical specifications of an aircraft with other factors to ensure that it can operate safely and efficiently. Weather, geography, runway condition and weight distribution all affect how and if the aircraft can land or take to the skies. By combining a vast knowledge of aircraft construction with a world-wide proprietary airport database Flygprestanda ensures that you can operate your flights with confidence anywhere in the world. The result is a performance calculation, also known as a runway analysis.

Traditionally, runway analyses has been delivered through static paper charts that describe how an aircraft can take off from a certain airport under different conditions.  Nowadays, digital solutions let pilots make their analyses 'on-the-fly' by combining aircraft information and interactive mass & balance with current data from an airport database. This simplifies the process and ensures that information is up to date and in line with the current AIRAC.

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What are the benefits?

Aircraft performance services optimise the settings and process of how you start and land with a specific plane at a specific place. In turn this reduces the strain put on your aircraft’s engines, preventing wear and lowering maintenance costs.

Using a digital runway analysis solution, such as our own Guru2 EFB, enhances traditional analyses further. It automatically checks the feasibility of your mass, settings and flight conditions and compares it to current airport data. You are notified whenever your flight exceeds acceptable parameters, maximising your aircraft's performance while keeping you and your passengers safe. 

Our products cover a wide variety of aircraft manufacturers and types, from business jets to airliners, allowing you to use a single solution for a mixed fleet.