Mass & Balance

Flygprestandas solutions for Mass & Balance (also known as Weight and Balance) are tailored to your specific needs and requirements and make performance calculations simple. Our M&B / W&B calculations are available as load and trim sheets and through our Guru2 EFB platform.

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EFB platform with performance and mass and balance

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Load & Trim Sheets

Customised, easy-to-use load & trim sheets for any aircraft

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About Mass & Balance

How does M&B calculations work?

A mass & balance/weight & balance calculation is how we combine an aircraft's manufacture data with how it is loaded before a flight. It is vital to ensure that the aircraft is stable and its weight limits are not exceeded.
As such several factors come into play to ensure that it remains balanced - the aircraft construction, its layout, how weight is distributed during loading and if it carries passengers, cargo or both.

Using our expert knowledge in aircraft construction and aviation physics Flygprestanda can ensure that your aircraft's load stays within its limits.

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