Driftdown Analysis

Accurate Driftdown for any route

Our proprietary software generates an accurate driftdown calculation within seconds, providing any operator with; multiple PDPs for different wind conditions, aircraft service ceiling and a terrain cross-section of the requested route - all presented in a graphical PDF-format document and of course all according to EASA requirements.

Flygprestanda driftdown analysis sheet

Key Features



We use the most complete digital topographic data available for the highest resolution possible.

An icon showing interconnected dots, representing a route

Global Cover

Flygprestanda offers driftdown calculations for any route worldwide.

An icon showing a driftdown curve over mountain tops

Multiple PDPs

Our driftdowns feature multiple predetermined decision points for various wind conditions and flight levels, colour coded for ease of use.

Aircraft wing with snow-covered mountain terrain in the background

About Driftdown

What is a driftdown calculation?

Driftdown is used to determine the trajectory for descending altitude in case of an engine failure during climb or cruise. Flygprestanda's driftdown calculation compares drift down data with topographic data along your route to illustrate its decision points in case of an engine failure.

A mountain covered with grass and forest. A big cloud in the background partly covering its top.