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Aircraft Performance Calculator with Mass & Balance

The easy-to-use aircraft performance calculator app used for runway analysis by flight operators all over the world. Guru2 ensures safe flights while minimising engine wear and maximising takeoff weight. Designed for use on iPad or Windows tablets as an app, or directly in your web browser. Straightforward flight, tail and user administration with the Guru2 BackOffice software.

Guru2 running on a tablet, showing the takeoff input section
Interactive preview of the Guru2 app running on a tablet

Key Features

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300+ Aircraft Types

Guru2 covers almost any aircraft make or model that comes to mind. The perfect solution to handle your mixed fleet. See all supported aircraft types here


Takeoff, dispatch and in-flight performance

Guru2's runway analyses are made using our state of the art aircraft performance software. It employs a robust, dynamic system architecture that allows for offline calculations. Wireless updates are easy, regardless of whichever platform you choose to run it on.


Integrated Mass & Balance (optional)

Guru2's built-in Mass & Balance Section includes a graphical CG and seat plan

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Engine Failure Takeoff Procedures

Guru2 uses Engine Failure Takeoff Procedures generated from our airport database.

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Connects with the world-wide airport database

Data from over 10 000 airports at your fingertips. Guru2 is the most comprehensive and flexible way of accessing DAD, our world-wide obstacle and NOTAM airport database.


Customisable Parameters

Guru2's versatile range of aircraft types and flexible interface can be customised to meet your specific needs. Aircraft settings can be taken into account, including MEL/CDL items, minimum EFFRA, V-speed ratios and more.


Always Safe & Compliant

To ensure a safe flight Guru2 takes human error factors into account by notifying the user whenever attempted operations are outside of acceptable ranges. Flygprestanda is ISO 9001 certified and EASA/FAA compliant.

Guru2 running on a tablet, showing the mass & balance fuel section

Latest Features


Visual Runway

Get an instant preview of runway lengths, wind and lineup


Multiple Cabin Configurations

Easily select and adapt a set of predefined cabin layouts


MEL Items With Performance penalties

Select performance penalty MEL items easily from a comprehensive list


Updated for GRF

Guru supports the new Runway Surface Condition standard (subject to data availability from manufacturer)


Integrates with other EFB solutions

Guru2 communicates seamlessly with several other EFB solutions, making it easy to transfer data between them.

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Swift & Accessible

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Guru2 runs on iPad, Windows tablets or directly in your web browser.

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Easy read and use

Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface designed to reduce clutter and unnecessary distractions.


Instant Offline Calculations

Get instant results anywhere, any time. No internet connection required for calculations.


Night Mode

Let Guru2 adapt to your environment. With day and night modes available pilots have optimal viewing regardless of the lighting conditions.

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Update Notifications

Get notified about updates to your Guru2 setup as soon as they are available.


Digital Signing

Sign your flight documentation directly in Guru2 and have it ready in seconds.

Guru2 running on a tablet, showing the takeoff runways section in night mode

Guru2 BackOffice

The BackOffice app makes device administration for operations smooth and efficient. Manage your Guru2 powered fleet from a single place.


Device & Account Management

BackOffice makes administrating Guru2 devices simple. Provide your users with instant, up­-to-­date information from a single place. Developed with transparency in mind users, devices and setups are easy to manage. Guru2 BackOffice brings a whole new level of flexibility and control to your operations.

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Manage Tails & Content

BackOffice lets you assign the tails and content each pilot in your team needs and keep them up-to-date. The Guru2 app and Guru2 BackOffice work in perfect unison, synchronising necessary information whenever internet access is available. Maintaining Guru2 through BackOffice ensures accurate offline calculations.

Guru2 Backoffice showing its overview

Learn more about the benefits of Guru2

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In a personalised online demo (Max 30 min) by our Sales team, you will get the opportunity to learn how the Guru2 runway analysis and M&B calculator can benefit your aircraft/operation.

Please note that Flygprestanda does not offer solutions for virtual aviation.

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Guru2 running on a tablet, showing the takeoff runways section in night mode