Guru2 now integrated with PPS CrewBriefing App

Three tablets displaying Guru2 app integration with PPS CrewBriefing app

Flygprestanda's Guru2 performance app is now integrated with the PPS’s CrewBriefing application from AIRSUPPORT.
The new app-to-app integration is designed to save time and enhance safety for airlines and business jet operators. By simplifying the process of calculating Aircraft Performance and M&B, the integration offers hassle-free solutions for both operations and flight crews.

Smooth data transfer for accurate performance metrics

Ensuring speedy performance calculations, whilst minimising errors and improving overall flight safety, essential flight plan data transfers from PPS's CrewBriefing app to Guru2 with the click of a button. The data transferred is Flight number, departure, destination, fuel, weather and more.

Compatibility across mixed fleet

The Guru2 and the integration supports various aircraft types, including Business jets, Regional Aircraft, Airbus and Boeing and is therefore ideal for mixed fleets: making training programs, audits and management more efficient.

User-friendly visual graphics

Guru2's user-friendly design and intuitive interface make it easy for pilots and flight crews to compute and access important performance data. The clear visual graphics improves situational awareness and makes quick decision-making easy.
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Optimising operations, reducing costs, and enhancing safety

In summary, integrating Guru2 with PPS's CrewBriefing app simplifies operations, cuts costs, and improves safety.
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Published on: February 16, 2024